A slice of New York with ultra modern toppings, TomatoMatic satisfies your pizza passion. Our crispy yet soft and never soggy crust combines with our exclusive tomato sauce to create a sensation of ultimate indulgence. With the best fresh ingredients, a secret recipe and the choice between thin crust and medium crust, TomatoMatic comes to the crunch.

    Relish the intensity of fresh ripe tomato, rich mozzarella and a wide selection of generous toppings when getting take-away or delivery. TomatoMatic is all about delicious homemade oven-baked pizzas with some appetizers, salads, sides and great garnishing. With timeless classics and funky pizzas with a cosmopolitan twist, TomatoMatic is automatic pizza perfection. The taste will make you green, and even red, with envy.

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    ASHRAFIEH (Beirut Delivery Center)
    St Luis Street, 100 meters after St. Marc Laboratories.


    Rabieh Main Road, Before Charcutier Aoun.


    Right at the end of Hamra's main street.


    Mirna el Chalouhi building.


    Jounieh highway, right before Harissa exit.


    Damascus highway, Hazmieh.


    CALL 1544

    What are the requirements to qualify me a TOMATOMATIC Pizza franchisee? +
    You have to secure an excellent location in your selected territory and have the ability to finance the project. Forinternational developers who wish to enter an Area Development plan, they should own or be part of an Establishment dedicated to operate one or more F&B concept(s), with a proven history of successful brand development & Solid quality of operations.


    How much money do I need to get started? +
    The estimated initial investment for a typical TOMATOMATIC Pizza store will be between 150 and 170 K , that is including including Initial Franchise Fees of 30 K
    If I don’t meet the financial or operational criteria to become a franchisee, can I partner with someone who does? +
    Yes you can. As long as your partner owns at least 50% of your organization.
    Do you help me secure financing? +
    TOMATOMATIC Pizza does not offer financing.
    Is there a ongoing royalty fee? +
    The ongoing royalty is 4% of gross sales, excluding sales tax.
    Is there an advertising fee and what does that cover? +
    Currently the marketing fees are 3% of gross sales that goes directly to National Marketing fund spent back to grow the brand in terms of sales and brand awareness.


    How many people will attend training? +
    Training your staff will be divided in between our training centers and in your store.


    I’m not a marketing expert. How do I build sales? +
    Building sales requires effort on many different levels – from running your business with monitored food costs, to strong operations to local store marketing to most importantly, ensuring that you give every guest a reason to return. TOMATOMATIC Pizza marketing team, which is supported by a third party agency, continuously works on creating national marketing initiatives and advertising to help build awareness and trial. Of course, operating a store that delights customers and interacts well with the community is also critical for word-of-mouth and repeat business.


    What are the best locations for a new restaurant? +
    TOMATOMATIC Pizza appeals to many different demographic groups. An appealing, accessible location is always critical. A location that would cover the biggest target market delivery zone is a must. We will help you analyze potential buildings and locations based on our decades of experience to date. Your own observations of what has succeeded and what has not in your target markets are also invaluable.
    Who signs the lease? +
    You, as franchisee, will have to sign the lease.
    What is the average size of a TOMATOMATIC location? +
    The average traditional store is between 60 and 80 sq. meters.
    Who designs and builds the store? +
    You will work with our architect to custom-design your stores, and we shall assist you in identifying approved subcontractors. You will have to pay the design fee.


    Where do I buy my supplies, such as food and paper? +
    TOMATOMATIC Pizza has a national network of approved suppliers that carry our proprietary products. We will introduce you to those suppliers, you shall collaborate directly with them, while benefiting from our corporate deals.


    Do you have a quality assurance program? Who enforces quality? +
    TOMATOMATIC Pizza follows the below quality assurance program:
    1. A Customer based shopper program
    2. TOMATOMATIC Pizza conducts periodic standards reviews in­store and gives feedback to the operators regarding execution excellence.
    Franchisees must meet specific operating standards as part of their franchise agreement.


    What steps I would pass through in order to become as a TOMATOMATIC Franchisee? +
    Phase 1 – NDA and Initial qualification (2-4 weeks)
    Phase 2- Trade Area Selection and approval and feasibility study (4-6 weeks)
    Phase 3 – Signature of Franchise Agreement (2-4 weeks)



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